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Personal and Business Tax Returns Prepared by CPAs

Professional Tax Preparation

File your personal taxes with Aced Accounting for $75, or your business taxes starting at $150.

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Tax Preparation FAQs

How Do I Receive My Refund?

You can receive your refund via direct deposit or check – whichever you prefer!

Do I have to sign a contract?
No, but we’ll send you an engagement letter before we start your return. The engagement letter covers the basics, such as the cost of the return and how the process works.
Can You File My Business Taxes?
Yes, we file both business and personal taxes. We support virtually all business entities, such as partnerships, s corporations, and c corporations.
How Do You Maximize My Refund?
We can help you maximize your refund by taking advantage of tax credits and deductions that you qualify for. However, we can never guarantee a refund.
What If I Owe Taxes But I Can't Pay Them?
The IRS offers various payment plans if you can’t afford to pay your taxes all at once. We’ll help you find the payment plan that is best for you.